Love Gettysburg

At Gettysburg Foursquare, we value serving our local community through tangible acts of love. Our Love Gettysburg outreach events partner with local ministries and organizations that are meeting different needs in our community.

Current Love Gettysburg


Love Gettysburg – Tender Care Pregnancy Centers

On Saturday, May 21st, we will be serving the Tender Care Pregnancy Centers in Gettysburg & Hanover. There is Spring clean up to be done at both locations, like weeding, mulching, flower beds, as well as some maintenance type things like cleaning gutters, scraping & painting, exterior windows to wash and pressure washing. Register to join us!


Love Gettysburg- Olde Getty Place

On Saturday, June 18th, we will be serving the community with an Olde Getty Place Workday. We will be doing projects such as trash pickup, yard cleanup, and small outdoor projects. Register to join us!

Past Outreaches

All of our outreaches take place through partnerships with local non-profits or businesses. We connect with them and serve them in various ways.

Adams County Office for Aging

To serve the Adams County Office for Aging, we do a chore day to serve the elderly in our community.

Local Nursing Homes

We serve by having game day with residents who do not often get visitors.

The Gleaning Project

The Gleaning project is where we glean local apple orchards with SCAAP to feed local families in need.

The Agape House

At this Love Gettysburg, we do repairs and clean the apartments for women and families.

The Olde Getty Place

We serve The Olde Gettys Place by doing street cleaning up and porch repairs to help with revitalization efforts.


Sundays: 8:30am, 10:30am
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